Writing: Formal or Informal Language

Formal and informal language serve different purposes.

Formal language is less personal.

Informal language is more casual and spontaneous.

Formal Writing Training

Legal Documents

Annual Reports

FDA/EMEA Approvals

Strategic Plans

Interactive Group Training

  • Tailor made for your organization
  • Before-after results assessment
  • Use your documents
  • Theory applied during sessions

Document Correction

  • In-document editing using track changes
  • Vocabulary use
  • Grammar checking
  • Text change suggestions on request

Theory Lecture

  • Formal writing norms
  • Paragraphing: basis of a document
  • Linking of ideas
  • Structuring a document


  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Flyers-Brochures
  • Annual Reports

Informal Writing Training

Error Correction

Business Proposals

Meeting Minutes


Internal Correspondence

  • Emails
  • Monthly reports
  • Teamwork reports
  • Business meetings
  • Sales reports

External Communication

  • Customer complaints, proposals, ...
  • Supplier proposals, evaluations, ...
  • Service provider requests, notifications, ...
  • Delivery requests, confirmations, ...
  • Purchase orders, invoices, ...

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"Learning how to "use" the English language from a native speaker made a huge difference in my ability to understand and to speak to other people."


"Writing technical reports was overwhelming for me. Taking the technical writing training program improved my ability to write FDA approval documents."


"The presentation course enabled me to enhance my public speaking skills and improved my knowledge on effective use of visuals."

Learning Advice From a Native English Speaker

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